Residential Roofing Replacements in Vancouver, WA

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Vancouver Roofing Services

Whether you are planning to move into a newly built home or replace the roof on your current home, our roofing company is here to help. We provide top-notch roofing services for both new construction projects and pre-existing homes. Our roofing company in Vancouver has worked with homeowners to install a quality roof at a reasonable price.

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing Services in Portland and Vancouver

One of the best things about our residential roofing services in Vancouver is the fact that we will never try to sell you a roof if you don’t need a new one. We are not a high-pressure, “sign now” kind of company; quite the opposite, in fact. We are not interested in trying to swindle money out of our clients by trying to convince them to agree to unnecessary services. While this practice is common among other roofing companies, we are simply unwilling to hassle our clients for more money.

Respect and integrity are part of our client-centered philosophy. In order for us to “Rise Above the Rest,” we are committed to treating every homeowner with courtesy and honesty. We believe in performing high-quality work for every single client, regardless of whether you spend $300 or $3,000.

Our roofing services in Vancouver and across the Portland metro area include a variety of residential upgrades. Our clients love working with our experienced contractors and are always satisfied with the outcomes of their roofing requests. We look forward to working with you on your next home roofing project, regardless of how major or minor your requests are.

Call Brisco Roofing LLC now to get started with your needed roofing services in Vancouver or the Portland metro area. Washington residents can reach us any time at 360-433-9071. Portland residents can reach us directly on our Oregon line at 503-545-5226.

Our Residential Roofing Services Always Include:

  • Thorough Inspections
    Before any work is started, our contractors always perform an extensive inspection of your roof. Our contractors will pinpoint major areas of concern and check every aspect of your roof for damages or weakness.
  • Professional Recommendations
    Once any problem areas have been identified, you will receive recommendations for how you might best move forward with any repairs. Based on your preferences, we will offer personalized solutions that meet your budget and style needs.
  • Free Price Quotes
    To help you make the best choices on materials for your residential roofing repair or upgrade, we always offer free price estimates. It can be nearly impossible to decide on the right materials or replacements if you don’t have an accurate idea of how much your project will cost. That is why our contractors are always transparent about the price of materials, labor, and other services.
  • Work Done by Experienced Roofers
    Once you have chosen the right materials and services, you can rest easy while our licensed, insured, and experienced contractors take care of everything. Your requested roof remodel or other roofing project will be done in no time.
  • Follow-Up and Maintenance Services
    After our team has completed any roofing projects on your home, you can call on our team in the future for maintenance, cleaning, and other services. As a client of Brisco Roofing LLC, we promise to take care of your roofing needs for years and even decades to come.

Vancouver Roof Replacements

Commonly referred to as “Tear Offs”

A roof tear off is the process of stripping off your old roofing materials, including the shingles, flashing, and the underlayment until the wood decking is visible. Next, any necessary repairs to the decking are performed to prevent leaks and other problems. Then a new roof can be added from the bottom up. Our roofing company has assisted countless homeowners with roof tear off requests. You can trust our contractors to perform exceptional work from beginning to end. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your final results.

To request a free estimate on your roof tear off in Vancouver, give us a call at 360-433-9071. Portland residents can reach us at 503-545-5226.

For Reliable Vancouver Roofing Services, Call Brisco Roofing LLC Now at (360) 433-9071

Roof Re-Covers in Vancouver, WA

Roof re-covering is the process of adding a new layer of shingles on top of a pre-existing layer of shingles. This type of roofing construction differs from a complete remodel or reconstruction. A re-cover is typically a much faster and less expensive process than receiving a complete roof replacement.

A roof re-cover may be a good option for you if your roof is generally in good shape, but is nearing the end of its lifespan. For minor leaks, repairs, and other issues, a roof re-cover may be the most affordable, especially if there are no water intrusive or moisture concerns.

When providing roof re-cover services throughout Vancouver and Portland, we always perform a thorough inspection and evaluation to identify areas of concern. Our contractors will help you decide which upgrades and materials will suit your roofing needs best. With years of experience under our belts, you can anticipate the most trusted and knowledgeable recommendations for your next roofing project when you work with Brisco Roofing LLC.


“We had just purchased a home that needed a new roof. Two different realtors recommended Brisco Roofing. Every aspect of the process, from initial meeting to cleanup, was very professional. The price was very fair and there were no financial surprises. The owner followed up to make sure everything was done correctly. We are very happy with the final product and the whole process!!”

-Scott F.

“We had our house and shed reroofed and they did it in 2 days. They were very punctual and picked up after themselves. They replaced 9 sheets of plywood and replaced/added 9 vents. One of them walked me around the house showing me what was done. These guys rocked!! They definitely earned 5 if not 10 stars for their work!!”

-Richard O.

“Our previous roof was put on incorrectly by someone else. Dave and his crew tried to make a poor job work, but ultimately it needed to be replaced when the wind blew groups of shingles off. Dave and his crew responded to our crisis promptly and applied a new roof. Now we feel like we can weather the wind and the rain. Thanks for helping us out so promptly. The crew is professional and friendly.”

--LaDene Mattson